Magnet Roulette System

A prominent roulette player always have one big problem –  the choice of a good game strategy.

Of course, you can learn a lot from the internet or from other sources, but most of these sources always assure that the system they describe is always working, that it is successful, and will bring luck to you and so on. Under such loud promises, the player can immediately forget about the main thing – the analysis.

The problem of most articles about different roulette strategies is that they do not analyze it, not tell the player all the nuances – they just advertise a particular strategy. And the players believe.

We will now do what the majority doesn’t – we will analyze one of the most popular strategies. If talk more precisely – here we will analyze the magnet roulette system.

The essence of the magnet  roulette system is that the rate is placed on the three most likely options: on the colors (red or black), on the numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36, and for “odd” or “even”. The system is based on the probabilities of the spins appearance in the certain series.

The system offers to put on all the most likely variants, so that each spin of the roulette becomes winning.

First chosen options should not change throughout the game. However, the change of the selected combination can be made after  a completely unsuccessful cycle of the game.