Gambling in trends

A great number of poker clubs have opened all over the country, so if you have a desire to try yourself on this relatively new but very promising field, there should not be any special problems. How to become a dealer of club poker? Practically every poker club has openings for dealership, it’s enough just to call or come for an interview, and with a high probability of work you will have. The only thing that you can disagree with the employer is in the conditions of your work and its payment. If you already have skills and experience as a casino dealer, then all training can be reduced to explaining the basic rules of club poker and distribution techniques. If stud poker is for you – the first experience in the gambling business, then the training will be longer, but, much shorter than the school croupier casino.

What is the difference between club poker and casino games? In the first (and also the second and all the others), the queue is that in this poker, players play not against the casino, but against each other. In club poker come to play different people, which unites love is this kind of leisure. After all, playing in club poker means first of all the presence of intelligence, endurance, erudition and psychological techniques that will help the player outwit rivals. But that’s not all. Another game in club poker involves communication – and this is an integral part of the gameplay. Almost every poker club, at least in the capital, has a stable contingent, coming not only for adrenaline, but for communication. These people often know the names of their wives, children and parents of each other, when someone has a birthday, who likes to drink. The dealer of the poker club is also obliged to know almost everything about his players, to be able to cheer, joke, in situations of tension, to be able to defuse the situation, etc., in one word, the psychological aspect of the PC dealer’s work is much more important than a casino dealer. During the work, the PC dealer sits in the middle of the players, there is no barrier in the form of a game table between them, like dealers in the casino hall.

Many people are wondering, what is better (or worse) to work in a poker club or in a casino? This question is unambiguous to answer unambiguously, as to the question, which is better, football or hockey. Both there and there have their own advantages and disadvantages. The first in club poker is a more democratic environment at the table, less formal communication with guests (but you cannot allow familiarity with it). The disadvantages, first of all, are the much higher price of dealer errors. Because if the casino can go to meet the player and for the sake of image to return to it the lost bet or pay what should not be paid in principle, then in club poker none of the players will agree to make concessions. Accordingly, the game conflicts are much more serious and are extinguished much more difficult. Another very serious minus of club poker is expressed in the fact that the dealer is not fenced, in the literal sense, from the players and sits right between them. With the connivance of the leadership regarding the rules of behavior and communication in the club, this becomes a very serious threat to the dealer. Cases of aggression and even violence against poker club dealers on the part of inadequate players can have serious consequences.