Cuban Roulette System

Among a huge number of different systems, players often try to find one that will quickly lead to victory. Or at least save from losing. And in search of such qualities, players allocate a Cuban strategy. According to the feedback and thoughts of users, such system can essentially  increase the chances of winning due to features of the roulette.

There are both six red and black zones in the first column. The next have 4 sectors of red and 8sectors of black. In the last one we have 8 red and 4 black zones.

The idea is actually very simple and convincing – since placing bets on colors or the third column , the player probably will not have the chance to lose. When you play ,betting  on colors, the winning chance is 1 to 1, which means that the player will get his rate back. Almost same situation with betting on the column – here the winning chance will be doubled.

We see, that  the strategy, described above, may seem like a very lucky strategy, but in fact it is far from the truth.

The main advantage of this system for casino owners is the conviction. The system skillfully convinces the player that he or she can re-tune the casino. And this fact is an undoubted disadvantage for players that they do not notice.

In general, whatever it may be, and whatever strategy for playing roulette you would choose, you should always have a good study of the chosen system. You need to know everything “from A to Z”, the possible risks, advantages and pitfalls, you must, at least theoretically, make all possible calculations and draw conclusions.

Only then, as a player, you can confidently use the chosen strategy and be assured in the success of the game.